Frag HGH 176 191 5mg vial


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HGH Fragment (176-191) (AOD9604 lab code) – A stable fragment of the growth hormone molecule from amino acids 191 to 176. This peptide stimulates lipolysis (fat burning) 12 times more potent than growth hormone and inhibits new fat formation, while no other useful or side effects of growth hormone have been found. HGH Frag (176-191) is much cheaper than GR. It is one of the most comprehensive means of treating obesity according to Professor Gary Wittert. The famous Russian TV host Dana Borisova claimed that she lost 30 kilograms as a result.


The growth hormone fragment (176-191) does not interact with GR receptors, but at the same time increases the expression of the gene test 3 – adrenergic receptors that cause lipolysis in the organism. It is considered the primary mechanism of medical effects.


Approximate graph of receiving HGH 176-191 on a training day:

1 hour before breakfast
1 hour before lunch
30 minutes before training

off day:

1 hour before breakfast
1 hour before lunch
before sleeping
It is sometimes recommended to perform 5-6 injections during the day. Furthermore, it is necessary to note that, unlike other peptides, diluted fragments of HGH176-191 have short-term storage (approximately 1 week in the refrigerator).

Storage and Solution Preparation

It is necessary to cool the bottle to room temperature and enter the required amount of water for injection or bacteriostatic water (which must flow down the walls of the bottle). Then stir with a rotating or oscillating motion (not shaking). The solution remains stable in the refrigerator for 15-25 days without freezing. The last number only belongs to solutions prepared with bacteriostatic water.


It is very important to carry out courses with segments of a low-calorie diet. Insulin levels are known to increase after meals and it is the hormone that stimulates phosphodiesterase to cleave cAMP, a molecule that slows down the secondary intermediates of the lipolysis process (this is why it is important not to consume them immediately after injections and other peptides) , because pulsatile body hyper-hormones (BHH) occur within 3 hours after introduction, and only during the first hour of pulsatile insulin work, and at the other two points – fat loss is necessary as a derivative of GR). For this purpose, injections are made in the interval between food, between the heart. Do not forget to take Meldonium for better results.

You shouldn’t worry about the catabolic process since supplemental power stocks are the result of lipolysis (the release of fatty acids). In this case, catabolism is impossible. For these reasons, it is quite valid to conclude that GR is resistant to decomposition.

side effect

So far, no side effects of HGH Frag (176-191) have been shown, and sometimes burning at the injection site is observed.