Gonadorelin 10mg vial


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Gonadorelin for sale

Usage and dosage:

Gonadorelin is for subcutaneous injection, initially once a week, 0.5 mg each time, then once a day, 0.1 mg each time.


Buy Gonadorelin in white or off-white freeze-dried loose block or powder.
Pharmacological effects: It is an LH-RH receptor antagonist (LH-Lutenising hormone, luteinizing hormone; RH-Releasing hormone, releasing hormone). LH-RH is a peptide hormone secreted by the hypothalamus. LH-RH is released from the hypothalamus every 90 minutes. It binds to the LH-RH receptor of the pituitary gland to generate and release LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone). white). After the application of LH-RH receptor antagonists, most of the receptors of pituitary LH-RH are bound to each other through competition, which temporarily enhances the production and release of LH and FSH. However, the continuation of this stimulation will cause the receptors to Increase phagocytosis and decomposition, decrease receptor number, decrease pituitary cell response, and decrease LH and FSH secretion capacity, thus inhibiting the production of ovarian estrogen. This drug inhibits pituitary function through this negative feedback effect and has a therapeutic effect. The effect on prostate cancer is due to the reduction of LH and LH-RH, which reduces the concentration of testosterone to castration levels.

Drug interactions: Drug interactions may occur if used together with other drugs. Please consult your physician or pharmacist for details.

Contraindications: Gonadorelin is prohibited for those who are allergic to any ingredients of this product.

Storage method: Gonadorelin should be stored in a cool and dry place.